Our 2004 BMW 325i

Because this is my first post, I’ll start by writing about my family’s cars. After my Dad’s old Dodge Intrepid broke down, he decided to invest in a used 2004 BMW 325i. It was fun to drive and had everything he needed to drive to the train station and back. The car evolved into a vehicle that we used to take to sports games for my siblings and me, and since buying it, we have used it to travel to our lake house and to use as an extra vehicle.

Although the car may seem outdated, it has many airbags with few recalls and is overall a very safe car. The sound system is excellent, although there is no auxiliary input for external mp3’s or smartphones, which would bring out the highs and lows in the speakers. The problem could be easily fixed, though, as it can be modified to fit a new radio with navigation, Bluetooth, and auxiliary inputs. It does have an aftermarket Bluetooth car phone that the user can navigate with their voice. It also has available contact presets that the user can create in the voice menu like a speed dial.

The dashboard has everything the user needs to have a relaxed ride.
The interior has leather upholstery which has worn quite well over the years, as it has only crackled in a few places. The seats are very comfortable, and the passenger’s and driver’s chairs are maneuverable in many ways including up, down, forward, backward, and reclining. Both front seats can be as flat as a bed if the user wants them to be. There are two cup holders in the center along with an ashtray, a 12-volt cigarette lighter that acts as a device charger, and a sunglasses compartment lined with soft touch plastic. The inside of the car has a strip of silver along the dashboard and doors.

The interior is fitted with leather upholstery.

The gear cluster has modern amenities including a door diagram showing open or closed doors, along with four other information screens displaying things along the lines of mpg, miles, and warning lights. On the steering wheel, there are volume and channel buttons for the radio, cruise control controls which includes a toggle button used to accelerate or decelerate, and a voice command button for the Bluetooth phone system. It is an efficient steering wheel in my opinion.
The gear cluster

The back seats have okay leg room, as someone over six foot can be seated there with only about an inch or more depending on who sits in the passenger seat. The middle position is not very comfortable for any person, as the drive shaft creates a reasonably large hump where the person's feet would be. There are no cup holders in the back which is a downside, as the only cup holders are in the front center console. Storage bins are placed on the front doors, but not on the rear doors. Overall the interior has all the basics needed for a modern car.
The rear seats do not have adequate legroom or headroom for a grown adult over six feet tall.
The trunk has a significant amount of space for the size of the car and has a toolkit facing the user when opened. The spare tire sits underneath the light flooring and is easily accessible There are a set of shelves inside for whatever small things the user would want to keep organized. The seats do not fold down which is a drawback for some people that need the extra room as this is not a large car.
There is a toolkit placed conveniently on the underside of the trunk.
The 2.5 Liter Inline 6-cylinder engine in this car makes about 184 horsepower and 175-pound-feet of torque. It has a five-speed automatic transmission and goes zero to sixty in a little over seven seconds. The gas mileage is 19 city and 27 highway, which is excellent for a sporty car like this. It gives more than enough power to get up to speed on the highway.
2004 BMW 325i engine

The car's exterior does not have the wavy lines and LED headlights, nor does it have fancy door handles. I like the look of the vehicle from the outside. It has all of the looks of a BMW of that time and embraces the sportiness of the badge name.

The rear is simple but elegant, as it only has badging and tail lights.
The front is muscular, yet it has appealing curves.
Overall this car is relatively practical, fun to drive, and a great family car. It has all the basics and could be turned into a more modern car without a substantial investment. Today this car goes for cheap and has lost its value over time so it would be an excellent first car or even a well rounded daily driver for anyone looking for a good time.


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