2000 Infiniti Q45 Anniversary Edition

The Infiniti brand is known for its cutting-edge luxurious interiors and exteriors and good reliability compared to American luxury cars especially at the time this car was made. This 2000 Infiniti Q45 Anniversary Edition meets all those points and more. The exterior looks great in my opinion and even looks similar to a Bentley or a Rolls Royce, as it has the rear window curving with the body. It also has a premium Bose sound system that is better than what is in most cars today.

The interior is trimmed nicely with wood that goes great with the comfortable tan leather seating. The rear seats get their own air vents and are comforted with leather on the back of the front seats so that tall people won't have to worry about bruised knees when hitting the front seats. The rear seats are comforted with a rear power sunshade that folds and unfolds at the push of a button, and this feature only appears in very high-end luxury cars today. The rear seats are what I call "schmumfy" and from my experience would also provide excellent support on long car rides. The front seats have heaters to keep cold in the cold winter months and the single zone climate control keeps the summer heat and winter cold outside and a comfortable, sustainable temperature inside. 

The dashboard is nicely trimmed in wood and has everything needed to have an enjoyable ride. There are steering wheel controls for the radio and cruise control, and the gauge cluster is easy to read and practical to use. 

The engine is a 266 horsepowe4.1 Liter V-8 which does pack a nice punch with 278 lb. Ft. of torque and quickly gets the car up to highway speeds and even faster. The suspension provides a soft ride that is relaxing and comfortable, and airbags keep the passengers safe. 

This car is excellent all around, has a lot of modern technologies that we see in cars of today, and has all someone would need to have an enjoyable and comfortable ride. It is an uncommon car, as not many are on the online market, and it is close to becoming an official "Classic Car."


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