What discontinued car names are being reprised?

Car models stop selling after being on the market for too long because they either haven’t been updated or they loose popular demand. Today some automakers are bringing back car models that have been canceled a while ago. Some are brutally disappointing and some are very exciting. 

The Ford Bronco was a famous and infamous car for starring in many films while also being the car central to the OJ Simpson case. Although production stopped in 1996, the car still carries with it a cult following. Ford has announced that it will be releasing a new version likely for the 2021 model year (release in 2020), and it will not be on an SUV platform, rather it will be on a 4x4 platform having a similar size to the Ranger. Ford has not yet released any images of the Bronco, but it could look like the new Ranger, following the design language of recent Ford trucks.

Image result for new ford bronco
The Bronco could look something like this.

Image result for oj's bronco
The infamous Bronco used by OJ Simpson 
The Chevy Blazer was a popular 4x4/SUV sold from 1969 to 2005. In the last years of production it turned more into a SUV than an old fashioned 4x4 and It eventually changed its name to the Tahoe, one of the most popular truck based SUV’s today. The new Chevy Blazer, though, is slightly disappointing as it is only a two row midsize crossover that in reality is not as capable as where its name came from. There was some real hype surrounding the release of this car, and some people will be pleased, but those who wanted something similar to the original may be let down a little.
Image result for new Chevy Blazer
The new 2019 Chevy Blazer crossover (Chevrolet)
Image result for Stranger things k5 blazer
The K5 Blazer Police Interceptor the character, Jim Hopper, used in the popular show, Stranger Things (Jalopnik)
The Mitsubishi Eclipse was a popular coupe that starred in the first Fast and Furious movie driven by the character Brian O’Conner. The movie series really gave the car a cult following, pushing many of the owners to modify and upgrade their Eclipses. It was a wonderful driver’s car that was sadly discontinued in 2011. The reprisal of this vehicle is also pretty disappointing as Mitsubishi chose to resurrect the name to use in a crossover called the Eclipse Cross. It enters a market already saturated with crossovers, and it also is not the prettiest of vehicles having a similar design language to the Honda HRV. Many people who were fans of the old coupe think this is almost disrespectful to the legendary car from the film. 
Image result for eclipse cross
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Related image
The Mitsubishi Eclipse
Related image
The Mitsubishi Eclipse from The Fast and the Furious
The Land Rover Defender was a popular 4x4 similar to the Jeep Wrangler only it was a little bigger and a lot more expensive. Although it stopped production int the US in 1997, it continued to sell in Europe and other parts of the world until 2016. The new model, which should be released by next year, is supposed to look completely different from the old one, and follow Land Rover’s current design language more closely. The 2016 model looked almost identical on the outside as the last ones sold in the US, so this new overhaul should be amazing. This new one will also surprisingly be sold in the US along with every other Land Rover and Range Rover. 
Image result for new Range rover defender leak
The new Range Rover Defender test driving around in public. 
Related image
This image of the new Defender was leaked on social media.
Image result for Range rover defender
The old Range Rover Defender (1997 model)


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