New Electric Vehicles That are Set to Make a Huge Impact

These days it seems like a new electric vehicle is being announced or unveiled every month. These cars that were released recently are expected to change the electric vehicle market in significant ways. 
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The Porsche Taycan (Tie-can) prototype has been seen rolling around Europe for the past few months, and Porsche officially unveiled the all-electric sports sedan on Wednesday, September 4. The Taycan has spectacular performance figures and a beautiful design that would awe even the least affectionate lover of cars. The car looks like a Porsche, but at the same time, it doesn’t. It’s leaner than the Panamera, and just a little slower from Zero to Sixty as a 911 GT2RS, the most extreme car out of all the Porsche lineup. The interior is far from analog as almost everything in the car is operated through different touch screens. The passenger seat even has their own screen to control various things inside of the Taycan. Even the gauge cluster is a massive, bezel-less screen that can display the navigation map, performance modes, and ordinary things like speed and rpm. Unlike almost any other gauge cluster, this gauge cluster screen is integrated well into the dashboard as it pops out of the dash like a slim oval-shaped tv. This car rivals against the upcoming Tesla Model S high-performance model that has a 0-60 of 2.4 seconds compared to the Taycan’s 2.6 seconds. Although the Tesla will be significantly lower in price, the Porsche offers a more luxurious interior with better quality compared to the Tesla, and after all, it is a Porsche. 
Porsche Taycan Models
The Porsche Taycan is a strikingly beautiful car. 

Porsche Taycan Models
The Taycan’s rear
Porsche Taycan Models
The Taycan’s awe inspiring interior with multiple screens

The next car that I’ll talk about doesn’t live up to the car I mentioned before, but it is a big game-changer. The Volkswagen ID.3 isn’t a fancy or expensive all-electric supercar like the Porsche, but it changes the game differently; the ID.3 is meant to be the third legacy of the VW hatchback/small car after the Beetle and the Golf. The Beetle was one of the most popular vehicles of all time, and it was followed by the Scirocco and Golf; therefore, this third generation is supposed to be similarly popular and useful to those cars. Now Volkswagen is introducing a new era of all-electric vehicles to its lineup as well as Audi’s lineup, as VW owns Audi. The ID.3 looks similar to the Scirocco (not sold in the US), but the obvious things are missing from the design like the front grille and the exhaust pipes, and the ID.3 is a 4 door vehicle while the Scirocco is a 2 door vehicle. Its size is more similar to the VW Golf’s size, though. The interior of the ID.3 isn’t anything close to luxurious, but it does have some cool features like a digital dashboard and a fancy infotainment system. VW plans to make this car a big hit, hoping to sell upwards of 150K a year. 
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The new VW ID.3
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The VW ID.3 (Left) side by side a VW Golf (Right) 
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The ID.3’s futuristic interior
In the future, I hope to see more cars like these on the road that do minimal environmental harm. Electric cars are the cars of the future, whether we like it or not. These cars might not be for everyone now, but in the future, they will be the norm. 


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