Was the Tesla Cybertruck’s Window Broken on Purpose?

Image result for Tesla Cybertruck window break

The short answer to this question is yes, but why would they do this if they claimed that the truck had bulletproof windows? Tesla's new Cybertruck, although quite odd-looking, already hit 250,000 preorders on November 27 after their online seminar aired on November 21. This online seminar and Tesla's social media platforms are the only ways that the company advertises for themselves; Tesla does not have any Television advertisements or online ads (like those before Youtube videos, or on the sides of websites). So, if Tesla messes up in a way that contradicts themselves heavily, then they will have media coverage everywhere, like online and on television. This happened the day after the Cybertruck reveal. Even if a person did not watch the online seminar, they probably did see some blurb about it on their social media pages or on the morning news. Tesla Motors spread its information so that it would get to almost everyone who is connected to the media.


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