What is RWB?

Learn All About America's First RWB-Modified Porsche 911 Turbo
RWB made for Brian Scotto, a part of the Hoonigan Youtube channel.
In a previous post, I dove into third party companies that modify and enhance vehicles in various ways, but the company that I'll talk about in this post is quite special and unique. RWB (Rauh Welt Begriff/Rough World Concept in rough German) is a company centered around the work of one Japanese man, Akira Nakai San, who puts insane body kits on older Porsches all around the world. Since the late 90s, he's been traveling around the world doing his work in client's garages, or professional shops that the client sets up. He started his automotive career as a pro-drifter in Japan, initially putting widebody kits on his Toyota AE86's that he drifted. During this time, he worked in a body shop and decided to buy his first 911, a 1990 930. He used his skills—learned from working in the body shop and his prior experience putting a kit on his Toyota—to put a body kit on his new toy, naming it Stella Artois (he names and signs every one of the cars he builds). After this build, he official;y founded what now is RWB, after a few name changes.
Nakai-san Answers Your Questions - Speedhunters
Nakai San, next to his first Porsche build, the Stella Artois. 

The thing that amazes me the most is the attention to detail exhibited by Nakai Son, who rarely uses any measuring tools, mostly eyeballing cuts using a Saw-Zaw, out of all means, to cut the existing wheel arches to fit and install the body-kits. This slicing and cutting angers "Porsche Purists" who believe that the body lines of the Porsche should not be messed with, as years of perfection and fine-tuning should not go to waste on an impractical body kit. I think that the kits make the Porsche look fantastic and, honestly, beautiful. Most of the Porsches that he has worked on in the US have been recorded on Youtube, diving into his exact process from the client's side of the picture.
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Nakai San working on one of his projects
The network of RWB owners that Nakai San has created is also astounding. He offers every one of his clients a chance to go to Japan and race there with a car supplied by Nakai San himself. When he goes to work on his client's 911s, he often drives them a decent amount, almost like a form of extra payment. He often goes out to eat with his customers and creates a bond with them in the short time he is there with them.
A Rough Night In Roppongi, Rwb Tokyo Meeting - Speedhunters

Although somewhat controversial, RWB and the network that Nakai San has created is spectacular. The cars that he builds are a sight to behold, and I dream of owning or driving one of them in the future.