How are automakers helping in this time of crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Tesla HQ with Model X | Photos

The world that we're living in is quite confusing and scary with a virus that is growing explosively among the United States population, especially. As you may have heard in the news, many doctors and nurses are resorting to desperate measures to keep their patients alive, wearing trash bags and other items in place of original equipment because they are running short of all of it. Some automakers have decided to chip in and support the cause by starting to engineer and manufacture ventilators which are in short supply. The automakers in the USA that are contributing to making these masks are Tesla, GM, and Ford. Their assembly lines to manufacture cars would probably be transitioned to create the ventilators. Since some of the high-end ventilators need experienced medical professional companies to produce, the automakers are probably making less expensive ventilators for use on the less ill patients infected with the coronavirus. 
Ford v. Ventilator Machine Production? - Core77