What are some of my favorite concept cars?

Concept cars are often shown off at large auto shows or even movies. They give the public and automotive journalists something to dream about in the future of what is to come from that automaker. They often have some extravagant features that may not be put into an automobile for another 20 years, but it still gives an excitement to people who understand that they might get that certain feature sometime in their lifetime. Concept cars also show off new technologies that may actually be implemented within the next five years or so. A good example of this would be the Volkswagen W12, which was introduced in 1997 to show off the company's new W12 motor (see May 23 post) to be used in an array of Volkswagen Group vehicles from the Bently Continental GT to the Volkswagen Phaeton and to the Audi A8. Although the engine made it to production, the car itself never made it to production. We probably won't ever see a supercar with the VW badge on it, but it was cool to see a concept of one. 
Volkswagen W12 Concept: Supercar Sunday
VW W12 Concept (1997)
Audi has shown off some really cool concept cars in movies over the last couple of decades, and my favorite concept car that made an appearance in a movie was the E-Tron from Avengers Endgame. For one, its a really beautiful car, but it also showcased Audi's potential for future electric cars. Another really cool concept from Audi was the Audi RSQ from the movie, "I, Robot" (2004). Although that exact car never made it to production, it had similar body lines to the upcoming Audi R8 which was released in 2006 just a couple years after the RSQ made an appearance in that movie. 
The "I, Robot" Movie Car: Audi RSQ | HowStuffWorks
Audi RSQ Concept (I, Robot, 2004)
BMW has made some fascinating concept cars in the past couple of years, including the BMW Vision M Next which calls back to the original M1 supercar from the late 70s and early 80s. BMW has also unveiled the new electric i4 concept which is planned to go into production in 2021. It shows that BMW is dedicated to the future of electric technology. My most favorite concept car would have to be the Bentley EXP 100 GT concept car from last year. The whole entire car is just a work of art, from its interior styling to its exterior which mimics the design language of the rest of Bentley cars. 
Bentley EXP 100 GT: Electric, Ultra High-Tech Luxury Of The Future ...
Bently EXP 100 GT (2019)
Concept cars show us the future and give reminders of the past, and they give car enthusiasts something to look forward to in the future of automobile technology. I wonder what concept cars will be at center stage in the next couple of years, decades, or even centuries. 


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