What is rendering?

Ken Block reveals renderings of next toy, the "Hoonifox" carbon ...
Ken Block's Hoonifox
Often when I'm bored, I scroll through my explore page on Instagram, and I see all of these really cool builds that look almost unreal, and in fact, they probably weren't real at all. Often these images are rendered using CAD (Computer-aided design) software along with an array of other technologies to make the images look very realistic. Often people use rendering software to model a future build. For example, Ken Block, a highly regarded rally racer, along with his team, recently released the rendered version of the future Hoonifox drift car build before building it. Technology like this gives people like this the chance to show off a build to the public before they even get to make it. When you take a look at this image, it looks incredibly realistic, almost too realistic. 
the_kyza on Instagram made a 3D render of a luxury car inspired by ...
This is a slammed render of the new Tesla Cybertruck

Often artists do this as a hobby, but some, like Khyzyl Salim, who runs the Instagram page, @the_kyza, do this type of thing for a living. At first glance, he dives into all cultures of the car world, but there is definitely a pattern in his work. Most of the rendered images are lowered with some negative camber, which does make them look really cool, and he also seems to do a lot of JDM cars like the Mazda RX-7 or the Nissan 240SX. 
Khyzyl Saleem's Instagram page

I'd love to learn how to render a car with software that these artists use. For this type of realistic work, I wouldn't doubt that hours of work have been put into every render. 


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