EV Conversions

With the explosive success of Tesla Motors and other electric vehicles in the last couple of decades, many have used the expansive new tech to create their own electric vehicle conversions. Many companies In the United States will do EV conversions of any car that you bring them. One shop, called Green Shed Conversions, will give their customers a fun experience through an apprenticeship type of process. On their website, www.greenshedconversions.com, it says that prices can range anywhere from $18,000 for an economy car type conversion to more than $34,000 for "some neck-snapping speed," which would most likely include some big buck parts from Tesla. These swaps include basically an entire overhaul of the drivetrain and the addition of lithium-ion or lead-acid battery packs to give it some power. Think of it as a normal combustion engine swap, just with some extra bits. Often these conversions utilize the original transmissions, so many of these conversions have a manual stick shift in them. 

Are zero-emission EV collector cars the latest rage, or are they here to  stay? | Hagerty Media
EV West's Tesla swapped E36 M3

After searching the internet for some hours, I've found some really insane electrified cars that would really blow you away. One of these is EV West's E36 BMW M3, which has 800 horsepower and 4400 torques (not a typo) from a Tesla motor, which is more than enough instantaneous power to crush a Hellcat in a drag race. Another fascinating conversion is Samuel Polyak's Tesla swapped Audi S5, which has a Tesla swapped drivetrain pumping out 380 horsepower. The most impressive thing about this build is that he engineered the project almost entirely by himself, going as far as putting a custom transmission in. 

Tesla Powered Audi S5 – Engine Swap Depot
Samuel Polyak's Tesla swapped Audi S5.

Although the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention ended in 2013, having done only five annual shows, these converted vehicles will often get shown off through big car journalist sites like The Drive or MotorTrend. The SEMA car show, which happens every year, is also a great place for EV converters to show off their rides, as EV West did in 2019 with their 1977 Porsche 911 EV conversion. Showing off projects is very important for shops like EV West, and it also draws attention to this growing field of the car industry.

Tesla Powered 1977 911 Makes SEMA Debut | Rennlist
EV West's 1977 Porsche 911 EV conversion

As the car industry becomes more and more electrified, these EV swaps will become more and more popular in the aftermarket, and I see this part of the industry growing in the future. 


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